Fans angry after Harbhajan’s reply to Gilchrist’s joke over old hat-trick video

Harbhajan Singh and Adam Gilchrist were recently involved in a twitter war over the Hat-trick which the off-spinner had taken against Australia 18 years ago. It all started after Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah became the third Indian to take a hat-trick during the recent test series against West Indies in their home conditions. Bumrah’s hat-trick ball was given not out but thanks to Decision Review System (DRS), the decision had to be overturned. After Bumrah’s hat-trick, old video of Harbhajan’s hat-trick started going viral on the internet. Gilchrist commented on one of those videos and wrote ‘No DRS’, adding a sad emoticon.

Seeing Gilchrist’s comment,the Indian off-spinner hit back and wrote something on twitter which surprised many. He asked Gilchrist to “stop crying” over his dismissal during his famous hat-trick at Eden Gardens in the historic Kolkata Test in 2001. Harbhajan had tweeted and asked Gilchrist if he thinks that he would have survived for long if not first ball? After that he wrote- “Stop crying over these things mate.” Harbhajan then further that he had thought that Gilchrist would talk sense after his playing days but that was not the case as some things never change. Many people , even Harbhajan fans did not like his reply and even expressed their anger via tweet.

Here is what happened in 2001-

In 2001, Harbhajan became the first Indian to take a hat-trick in a test match as dismissed the likes of Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne in three consecutive deliveries. He was the star performer in that match as India snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. There was no Decision Review System (DRS) during those days and when Gilchrist was dismissed leg before wicket, on the replay the ball seemed to his bat before striking the pads.

Harbhajan bowled a flatter one to Gilchrist who could not judge the line and length and the umpire immediately sent Gilchrist back to the pavilion. So after Ponting, Harbhajan got the wicket of Gilchrist and then went on to dismiss Shane Warne to become the only Indian cricketer to take a hat-trick in test cricket. It has been 18 years since that incident in Eden Gardens but a recent twitter war between Harbhajan and Gilchrist gives a clear indication that the they have not forgotten it. The replays did show that Gilchrist had edged the ball but the umpire did not see or hear any edge. Harbhajan looked angry over Gilchrist’s comment on Twitter and asked him to stop crying over things.

The 2001 India- Australia was one of the most entertaining series in Indian cricket history as this series is not only remembered for Harbhajan’s hat-trick but also for VVS Laxman-Rahul Dravid’s partnership which helped India defeat Australia even after following on in the 1st innings. That was something special as Australia as the Kangaroos were a very strong unit then and very hard to beat not only on their home turf but anywhere in the world. India did the unthinkable and Harbhajan also became very famous through that series only and then was part of the Indian team for many more years and went on to become one of the best bowlers of India ever.

Harbhajan had played very few  Test matches before the 2001 series and that was where he became famous on the world stage. He took a staggering 32 wickets in three Tests. After this series, the interest in India-Australia series whether it was played in India or Australia, grew quite a lot and is now considered among the most anticipated series in India. Gilchrist is yet to respond and it would be interesting to see if the former Aussie player takes Indian spinners words kindly or  has a strong reply awaiting.

Harbhajan was India’s first bowler to claim a Test hat-trick. Pacer Jasprit Bumrah recently became only the third Indian bowler to get a hat-trick in the longest format during the second Test against the West Indies in Jamaica. Irfan Pathan had become the second Indian to take the Hat-Trick in 2006 against none other than arch-rivals Pakistan. This is how big a hat-trick is. There have been so many years since India has been playing test cricket and some many matches have been played. Many talented bowlers have come and gone but the reality is that only three bowlers have been able to take a test match hat-trick for Indian Cricket team in history so far.

Fans slam Harbhajan Singh for his comment-

Harbhajan Singh might have overreacted to Gilchrist’s joke and the reply did not go down too well even with the fans. They slammed Harbhajan for his comment and showed their disagreement with such a reply towards a legend of the game like Adam Gilchrist. Even some of Harbhajan’s die hard fans did not like the off spinners comment. Harbhajan then deleted the post after he faced flak from his own fans on  twitter. While some criticized him for his distasteful tweet against a player of the calibre of Gilchrist, others reminded him of his record against the Aussie wicket-keeper. Harbhajan has been in the news many a times for his tweets as well as comments on certain issues, but on some occasions he has gone too far which has even angered his own fans. So he needs to be a little careful so that he does not lose his own fans. Although, he has humorous side and brings a smile on people’s faces through his out of the box tweets, sometimes you have to be a little careful so that it does not hurt anyone or is showing disrespect for someone.


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